Fun Fact: Uchiyama Saikou, the protagonist of the book, is heavily based on an original character designed by my husband.  While he and I still debate who writes Saikou better (he says I do, I say he does), something has come to my attention…

“Saikou” is a bit of an odd sounding name, don’t you think?

To give some backstory, the name was chosen for the character for the meanings “best” and “the oldest”, since the character was the oldest of several children and his parents had high hopes for him.  All these many years later, my husband and I have a slightly better grasp how the Japanese language works, and realize that “最高 saikō” (best) and “最古 saiko” (the oldest) aren’t written or pronounced the same way.  Furthermore, the reading of “最古 saiko” tends to sound like we’re talking about something a little more… ancient.

I’ve also realized the book is getting somewhat heavy on ‘Sa’ names.  Saikou, Saizo, Saori, Sanada… It’s getting a little out of hand.  Sanada is easy enough for me to change, though Saizo and Saori remain close to my heart.  Saikou, on the other hand, just tends to sound awkward to western ears, casually reading too much like “psycho”.  This doesn’t bode well for our protagonist.

For this reason, I’ve decided to open up for suggestions.  Once they’re gathered, I’ll either pick my favorite, or run a poll on Twitter!  Why Twitter?  Because Facebook apparently decided that letting us host polls on Pages instead of just in Groups was spoiling us.  I hope to hear lots of feedback!  If you’d like to make yourself heard, please join me and our community on my Facebook Page.

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